Western medicine relies on biological science, while Eastern medicine draws from physics. The human body functions through various systems like digestion, circulation, and immunity. TKM®'s holistic approach stands in contrast to traditional Western medicine, which too often sees the human being as a collection of separate systems, each system needing its own specialist or drug.The King Method®, or TKM®, focuses on the body's electrical system, which affects overall health. This method involves light touch on specific points to restore proper energy flow, promoting circulation, nerve function, and enzyme activity. TKM® sequences involve gentle hand placements for a few minutes, alleviating tension and pain without irritation. Unlike some treatments like acupuncture, TKM® has no negative effects and addresses both physical and emotional imbalances. It aims to resolve underlying causes rather than just symptoms, offering holistic healing without known negative side effects. TKM improves circulation of bodily fluids, affecting mental, emotional, and physical health. It addresses root causes for comprehensive positive change without risks. There are no known negative side effects or negative results from the proper use of TKM. In fact, even when a mistake is made during TKM applications or therapy there have been no known repercussions.

Standardized medicine focuses on biology, but the future of medicine lies in physics discoveries, available now. TKM® understands the body's physics and uses it to treat various health issues, from simple to complex. It's gentle, promoting coherence in the body's electrical systems for better function and faster healing, with no known side effects. This approach, rooted in ancient Japanese culture, was brought to the US over 30 years ago by Dr. Glenn T. King. Learn more at the King Institute in Plano, TX.