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Deborah's commitment to sharing her experiences and knowledge through over 30 publications on Amazon is truly admirable. Her journey as an author began with a deeply personal story in the Chicken Soup publication on children with Special Needs, where she courageously shared her son's struggles with bipolar disorder. This heartfelt narrative served as the foundation for her subsequent series of books within the curriculum "Sick Can Be Fixed," a testament to her dedication to educating and empowering others facing similar challenges.

In addition to her work on mental health, Deborah's writings encompass a wide range of topics including communication, NLP strategies, and personal growth. Her books offer readers invaluable insights and practical tools to navigate life's complexities and pursue their own paths to fulfillment.

What's particularly striking is Deborah's ability to address sensitive themes in children's literature. By tackling subjects like abandonment and mental health in a compassionate and age-appropriate manner, she helps young readers develop empathy and resilience from an early age.

Through her vast selection of books, Deborah invites readers to embark on their own transformative journeys. Her passion for the written word shines through in every page, making her work a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who encounter it.

Deborah Colleen Rose author
Deborah Colleen Rose author