The Purpose We All Share

5/13/20244 min read

This is the sign you've been looking for neon signage
This is the sign you've been looking for neon signage

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I originally had thought about not participating in this particular book of the “Girl Behind the Fence” series. It’s about purpose as you know.
If you google purpose, you will see all kind of sites about living a purposeful life, living on purpose, finding your purpose and many variations of these themes.
I hear people talking about how thankful they are if they have found a place in life that allows them to do what makes them feel good and are be able to sustain their own lives and lifestyles by getting paid for doing their “purpose”.
On the other side of the coin, I also hear from people that they are dissatisfied in life. They are looking for understanding, to feel they are made of substance, what is their purpose in this world – basically something that gives them a sense of importance and meaning.
I have been one of the former people in that I have been given several talents and gifts (those are not the same thing, which is why I mention both.) I have found a way to use these gifts and talents in my day to day life and people have found value in them and I have been paid to do these things. And I have had a life built on the strengths I feel good about. And I feel good about the people I help. And I feel good about the money I make. (Counterpoint – when I don’t make money, I can often times feel bad. And though I don’t charge for everything I do or for every time I share myself, or a gift or talent, I also don’t always find complete satisfaction if the fiscal comfort of my world fluctuates too much. I like a healthy balance between the spiritual and the physical planes, if you see my point. This is in reference ONLY to sharing my gifts and talents.)
Notice what I said here though… I am doing things that by definition used by society in regards to personal purpose, because I am using gifts and talents and I am helping others, So in regards to that understanding, I am living not just with purpose but living my own purpose. Again, this is based on societal definitions and understandings.
I am here to say to you, that isn’t correct. Because, the common thread of this and deny it as many people may; people look for purpose in their lives, no matter how they define it, so they can feel like they are needed, can and do make a difference and are recognized for their abilities. I am not trying to say we are all ego maniacs. I am not saying it is selfish to want to feel good about who you are or what you can do. It is not self-centered to put a price on your abilities and expect to be paid for them. It is a part of Ego however. Ego helps us make some wonderful decisions, such as self-care and keeping ourselves safe and pushing ourselves to do better. It is the foundation of our relationship to others and reality and helps to protect our self-image and worth.
What I am saying is that we have taken the idea of purpose and, literally stretched it out of proportion, in an effort to make it grand. Purpose in its simplest form is one of the grandest ideas and activities of human kind and one that is shared equally by each and every one of us. It does not need our help in trying to make it grandiose.
The definition of Purpose – is simply, the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
So why do WE EXIST?
If we break this down, the first thought that comes to my mind, is do we exist for ourselves and our own identity or do we exist for the hive – the community, the tribe? Is purpose about the impact on human kind?
For me, I believe it is the latter. And if we are to look at the reason of existing for the purpose of human kind, what part do we play in that tribe?
It seems simple to me that we can be a part of one of two things. We can either create pain and chaos for ourselves or others or we can be a part of a complete consciousness that aids in the developing of peace and contentment.
And this I think most people want and desire in their hearts. And ego comes in and distorts reality and confuses them with trying to convince them they need to be “special”. This makes Ego our best friend and our worse enemy if it controls us.
I think the purpose of life simply boils down to this. There are groups that follow the creed “Do No Harm.” It is the foundation of our medical community. Other spiritual groups follow this idea as well.
What if our purpose though, as part of the complete consciousness is simply – “Help everyone be better.”
This opens the doors to a lot of activities, ideas, concepts, and encouragements that most people only see from a distance.
As part of helping everyone be better, you could just decide to smile. Smile at everyone.
You could decide to clean up after yourself, wherever you are so that other people can enjoy the space you have just vacated, easily.
You could ask more questions and then listen. Listening means living the moment with the speaker and just sitting with them.
You could ask what other people are thinking. Not to fix their problems, but to understand them. Maybe even find a special connection.
You could stand and say “No” to cruelty.
You can…. Make a decision to look for ways to make things better for everyone. Not just yourself, not just your family and just for people like yourself.
Sure, use your gifts! Use your talents! Explore what makes you happy. And share these happy things with others. But understand, these are just the things that make you completely you. Being you is NOT YOUR PURPOSE. You are born you. It is your job to develop you.
Purpose is the same for us all and it is our commonality and one that we can share being individuals and being different.
And you might not agree with me, but will you argue with Emerson? “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

If your purpose is my purpose, this limits the areas for disagreement. We have only to negotiate an understanding and possibly a compromise.