Shared Song

Original Poetry

6/4/20241 min read

Look at you, you’re a young woman
And I am old
How is it that we both sing the same song.
So loud and bold.I should reach out and lead you, show you the way
So why do I feel like more your sister?
Wait I hear what you say.
Souls know no bounds and they know no age.
And there are times that these bodies are more like a cage.
So look in my eyes and I will look into yours.I want to do more.. I want to assure.
So don’t let me drown in those pools of green.
Filled with more hurt and questions than I have ever seen.
All I can do for now is listen to your song.
Some call it the sounds of a siren.
Whatever it is long and so strong.
My soul aches, my heart moans, my eyes cry.
For you.
For me.
For those who have said good bye.
Hold my hand.
Cover my heart.
Wait - Let’s decide our own fate.
We share a song, so I will sing with you.
Though it’s old, it will sound like new.